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Derrick Mwiti
Derrick Mwiti
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You have to be good at selling yourself to get technical writing jobs.  If you create enough content online, people will start reaching out to you for work. Other than that, you can also reach out to individuals and companies and sell your value. You can do this using social media platforms such as LinkedIn and email.

In this post, I'll share some templates you can copy and paste and start using immediately.  

LinkedIn connection request note template

Adding a note while connecting to someone on LinkedIn increases the chances they will accept your connection request.  

Hello [FirstName],

I am a big fan of what [insert company name] is doing in [insert company’s offering]. I would love to connect and explore opportunities for working together.

LinkedIn DM template

Once you are connected, you can reach out to them about the potential of working together.

Hello [FirstName],

I love using [insert company’s name] to [insert how you use their product]. I’d love to explore more opportunities to work together.

I think you could benefit from an ultimate guide covering [INSERT TOPIC]. Happy to discuss this further.

Warm regards


Email template

When connected with someone on LinkedIn, you can also see their email in the contacts section if they have chosen to share it. Use that to email them.  

Hello [FirstName],

My name is [FirstName-> Link to your LinkedIn profile], and I have over five years of experience writing technical content for companies like yours. I looked at your blog and thought you could benefit from an ultimate guide covering [insert your idea]. Here are a few of my top articles:
  • Article one
  • Article two
  • Article three
  • Is this something you’d be interested in? Happy to discuss this further in a quick 15-minute call.

    Here is a link to my calendar.

    I am looking forward to working with you.

    Warm regards

    [Insert FullName]

    Upwork sample proposal

    I no longer use Upwork, but I found success with these simple proposals when I did.

    Hello, I write high-quality and in-depth data science and machine learning content. Check out the samples below.

  • Sample 1
  • Sample 2

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