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Data science tutorials

TensorFlow articles

If you just getting started in data science and machine learning, read these articles chronologically.

  1. Python for data science tutorial (Complete guide with examples and notebook)
  2. NumPy tutorial(Everything you need to know about NumPy with examples and video tutorials)
  3. Pandas tutorial (A complete guide with examples and notebook)
  4. Data visualization with Matplotlib
  5. Seaborn tutorial
  6. Linear regression in Python with Scikit-learn (With examples, code, and notebook)
  7. Logistic regression in Python with Scikit-learn
  8. Decision Trees and Random Forests(Building and optimizing decision tree and random forest models)
  9. Entropy, information gain, and Gini impurity(Decision tree splitting criteria)
  10. Streamlit tutorial(How to build machine learning applications)
  11. Gradio tutorial (Build machine learning applications)
  12. How to build artificial neural networks with Keras and TensorFlow
  13. How to build CNN in TensorFlow(examples, code, and notebooks)
  14. TensorFlow Recurrent Neural Networks (Complete guide with examples and code)
  15. How to build TensorFlow models with the Keras Functional API (Examples, code, and notebook)
  16. How to create custom training loops in Keras
  17. Object detection with TensorFlow 2 Object detection API
  18. TensorBoard tutorial (Deep dive with examples and notebook)
  19. Distributed training with TensorFlow: How to train Keras models on multiple GPUs
  20. Transfer learning guide(With examples for text and images in Keras and PyTorch)
  21. Create U-Net from scratch (Image segmentation with U-Net with Keras and TensorFlow)
  22. How to Generate Images with Variational Autoencoders(VAE) (Create VAE from scratch using Keras and TensorFlow)